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Infinite Craft Game

Infinite Craft is a fun sandbox game that can be played entirely in a web browser. At the beginning of the game you will receive 4 elements: water, fire, air and earth. By connecting 2 blocks you get a new block that is added to your collection, so you can get millions of different combinations.

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How to play Infinite Craft?

  1. Combine the first elements

    At the start of the game you will see 4 items: Water, Fire, Wind and Earth. Combine these elements to create a new one and it will automatically be added to your collection of elements in the right sidebar. Combine the first elements
  2. Keep combining blocks

    The more combinations you make, the more items are added to your collection, so you can create more unique blocks. If you want to delete any block, or clear the entire field, use the buttons in the lower right corner of the screen. Keep combining blocks
  3. Get the target element

    Infinite Craft doesn't have an end goal, but you can make an incredible number of combinations, for example it can help you with cooking recipes, get new heroes in games and much more. This game is truly endless and will allow you to merge anything. Get the target element

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Infinite Craft?

    Infinite Craft is a browser-based sandbox game in which players can create a wide range of things and creatures by combining different elements. The game uses artificial intelligence software to create new items according to prompts sent to it.

  2. How to combine elements?

    Combining items in Infinite Craft is easy, whether you're playing on PC or mobile. On mobile, you just need to tap on an object and then tap on a second object to merge them. On a PC, you are given a workspace where you can click and drag items into it. Place an element on top of each other to combine them.

  3. How to remove items?

    Objects can be removed from the workspace on a PC by dragging the object outside the workspace or right-clicking on it. Pressing the broom button in the bottom right corner will clear the entire screen. On mobile devices, you cannot delete individual items, but you can only completely reset all items using the button in the lower left corner of the screen.

  4. How to start over in Infinite Craft?

    Starting over in Infinite Craft is easy by selecting the Reset option on PC and mobile. Please be aware that this will delete all your discoveries, including your first discoveries. Remember that there is no way to go back after a reset.

Infinite Craft Recipes

🔥Fire 💧Water 🌍Earth 🌬️Wind 🌋Volcano 💨Steam 🌋Lava 💨Smoke 🚗Engine
🔥Fire 🌋Volcano 💨Steam 🌋Lava 💨Smoke 🌋Lava 🚗Engine 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 💨Steam
💧Water 💨Steam 🌊Lake 🌱Plant 🌊Wave 🌋Lava ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone 🌫️Fog 💨Steam
🌍Earth 🌋Lava 🌱Plant 🏔️Mountain 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 💩Mud 🪨Stone 🌋Volcano 🚜Tractor
🌬️Wind 💨Smoke 🌊Wave 🌫️Dust 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 🌬️Windmill
🌋Volcano 🌋Lava 🌋Lava 🌋Lava 🌋Eruption 🏔️Mountain 🌋Lava 🌋Eruption 🌋Eruption 💨Steam
💨Steam 🚗Engine ☁️Cloud 💩Mud ☁️Cloud 🌋Lava ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 🚂Train
🌋Lava 🌋Volcano 🪨Stone 🪨Stone 🌋Volcano 🌋Eruption 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano
💨Smoke 🌋Volcano 🌫️Fog 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 🌋Eruption ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 💨Steam
🚗Engine 💨Steam 💨Steam 🚜Tractor 🌬️Windmill 💨Steam 🚂Train 🌋Volcano 💨Steam 🚀Rocket
🌊Lake 🌋Volcano 🌊Ocean 🐊Swamp ⛈️Storm 🏝️Island ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 🌫️Fog 🚤Boat
🌱Plant 💨Smoke 🐊Swamp 🌳Tree 🌼Dandelion 🌋Lava 🍵Tea 🌋Volcano 🕯️Incense 🚗Car
🌊Wave 💨Steam 🌊Tsunami 🏖️Sand ⛈️Storm 🌋Lava 🏄Surf 🪨Stone 🏄Surf 🌊Tsunami
☁️Cloud ⚡️Lightning 🌧️Rain 🌧️Rain ⛈️Storm 🌧️Rain 🌧️Rain 🌋Volcano 🌫️Fog ✈️Jet
🪨Stone 🌋Lava 🪨Rock 🪨Rock 🏖️Sand 🌋Lava 🌋Geysir 🔪Obsidian 🗽Statue 🚂Steamroller
⚡️Lightning ☀️Sun ⚡️Electricity 🌋Volcano ⛈️Storm 🌋Earthquake ⚡️Electricity 🌋Volcano ⛈️Thunder 🚗Tesla
☀️Sun ☀️Solar 🌈Rainbow 🌱Plant 🌻Sunflower 🌋Lava 🌈Rainbow 🌋Volcano 🌑Eclipse ☀️Solar
☀️Solar ☀️Sun 🌊Ocean 🪐Planet 🌬️Windmill ☀️Sun ☀️Sun ☀️Sun 🌑Eclipse N/A
🌫️Fog 💨Smoke ❄️Ice 🌫️Mist ☁️Cloud 🌋Eruption ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 💨Steam
🌊Ocean 💨Steam 🐟Fish 🏝️Island ⛈️Storm 🏝️Island ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone 🌫️Fog 🚤Submarine
🐊Swamp 🐉Dragon 🌿Marsh 💩Mud 🌫️Mist 🌋Lava 🐉Dragon 🌋Volcano 🐉Dragon 🚂Train
🐉Dragon 🐉Dragon 🐍Sea Serpent 🏔️Mountain 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption 🕯️Steampunk 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
🌊Tsunami 🌋Volcano 🌊Ocean 🏝️Island 🌀Hurricane 🌋Earthquake 🚢Titanic 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌊Tsunami
🌧️Rain 🌈Rainbow 🌈Rainbow 🌱Plant ⛈️Storm 💩Mud ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone ☁️Cloud 💨Steam
🌈Rainbow 🌧️Rain 🌧️Rain 🌧️Rain 🌧️Rain 🦄Unicorn 🌧️Rain 🌋Volcano 🌧️Rain N/A
🪨Rock 🌋Volcano 🪨Stone 🏔️Mountain 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 🌋Geothermal 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🪨Stone
⚡️Electricity ⚡️Lightning ⚡️Lightning ⚡️Lightning ⛈️Storm ⚡️Lightning 🚂Train 🌋Magma ⚡️Lightning 🚗 Car
❄️Ice 💧Water 🌊Iceberg ❄️Snow ❄️Snow 🍦Ice Cream ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone 🌫️Fog 🧊Refrigerator
🐟Fish 🍣Sushi 🐠Fishbowl 🐳Whale 🐟Flying Fish 🍣Sushi 🍣Sushi 🐢Salamander 🍣Sushi 🚤Submarine
🍣Sushi 🌶️Wasabi 🐟Fish 🍚Rice 🐟Flying Fish 🍣Sushi 🍣Sashimi 🌋Volcano N/A 🚂Train
🌶️Wasabi 🔥Fire Breath 🍣Sushi 🍣Sushi 🌪️Tornado 🔥Fire 🍣Sushi 🌋Volcano 🤧Sneeze 🚀Rocket
🔥Fire Breath 🐉Dragon 💨Steam 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire Storm 🌋Lava 🌫️Steam Breath 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🐉Dragon
🌿Marsh 🐊Swamp 🐊Swamp 🐊Swamp 🌫️Mist 🌋Lava 🐊Swamp 🌋Volcano 🌫️Mist 🚂Train
🐍Sea Serpent 🐉Dragon 🐋Leviathan 🐋Leviathan 🐉Dragon 🐙Krakken 🐉Dragon 🐉Dragon 🐉Dragon 🚤Submarine
🌊Iceberg 💧Water 🌊Iceberg ❄️Ice ❄️Snow 🍦Ice Cream ❄️Ice 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 🚢Titanic
🐠Fishbowl 🐠Goldfish 🐟Fish 🐠Aquarium 🌪️Tornado 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🌋Volcano 💨Vapor 🐠Aquarium
🐠Goldfish 🐟Boiled Fish 🐠Fishbowl 🐸Pond 🪁Kite 🌋Lava 🐟Fish 💛Gold 💨Vapor 🚗Car
🐟Boiled Fish 🐟Fish 🍲Soup 🌱Plant 🪁Kite 🍣Sushi 🍣Sushi 🐟Fish 🍣Sushi 🚤Submarine
🐋Leviathan 🐉Dragon 🐳Whale 🌎Titan 🌪️Tornado 🌋Krakatoa 🕯️Steampunk 🌋Volcano 🐉Dragon 🚤Submarine
🍲Soup 🌶️Chili 🍲Soup 🚢Titanic 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🍲Stew 🍲Stone Soup 🌫️Fog 🚗Souped-up
🌶️Chili 🔥Hot 🍲Soup 🌶️Pepper 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🔥Hot 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚀Rocket
🔥Hot 🔥Heat 🍵Tea 🌋Lava 🎈Hot Air 🌋Lava 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
🔥Heat ☀️Sun 💨Steam 🌋Lava 🎈Hot Air 🌋Lava ⚡️Energy 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
🐳Whale 🐉Dragon 🌊Ocean 🏝️Island ⛵️Sail 🏝️Island 🚤Submarine 🌋Volcano 💨Vape 🚤Submarine
🍵Tea 🍵Chai 🍵Tea 🍵Teapot 🪁Kite 🌋Lava 🍵Teapot 🌋Volcano N/A 🍵Teapot
🍵Chai 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🌋Lava 🍵Tea 🌋Volcano 🍵Tea 🚂Train
🏔️Mountain 🌋Volcano 🌊Lake 🌋Volcano 🌨Avalanche 🌋Lava 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🚂Train
🌫️Dust 🌋Ash 💩Mud 🪐Planet 🌪️Sandstorm 🌋Ash ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 🌫️Dust 🧹Vacuum
💩Mud 🧱Brick 🐊Swamp 🏺Clay 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 🐊Swamp 🏺Clay 🐊Swamp 🚜Tractor
🌋Ash 🔥Phoenix 💦Puddle 🌱Soil 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 💨Smoke 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
🧱Brick 🧱Kiln 🥃Glass 🏠House 🏠House 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 🏠Chimney 🚂Train
🔥Phoenix 🌋Ash 🌋Ash 🔥Phoenix 🔥Fire 🐦Firebird 🕯️Steampunk 🐦Firebird 🌋Ash ✈️Jet
🧱Kiln 🏺Pottery 🥃Glass 🏺Pottery 🪁Kite 🌋Lava 🚗Engine 🌋Volcano 🏺Pottery 🚂Steam Engine
🏺Pottery 🏺Ceramic 🏺Vase 🏺Vase 🏺Vase 🏺Vase 🍵Teapot 🌋Volcano 🏺Vase 🏺Vase
🏺Ceramic 🏺Pottery 🥘Pot 🥘Pot 🏺Pottery 🏺Clay 🍵Teapot 🌋Volcano 🏺Vase 🚗Car
💦Puddle 💨Steam 🐸Pond 💩Mud 💦Puddle 💩Mud ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone 🪞Mirror 💦Puddle
🥃Glass 🔍Lens 🍷Wine 🍾Bottle 🪟Window 🌋Lava 🪞Mirror 🌋Volcano 🪞Mirror 💨Windshield
🔍Lens 🔍Magnifying Glass 🔬Microscope 🔭Telescope 🔭Telescope 📷Camera 📷Camera 🌋Volcano 🪞Mirror 🔭Telescope
🔍Magnifying Glass ☀️Sun 🐟Fish 🦴Fossil 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🔭Telescope
🏺Vase 🌋Lava 🌸Flower 🥘Pot 🌬️Fan 💡Lava Lamp 🍵Teapot 🌋Volcano 🧞‍♂Genie 🚗Car
🥘Pot 🍳Cook 🍲Soup 🌱Plant 🪁Kite 🌋Lava 🍵Teapot 🌋Volcano 🌿Bong 🍵Kettle
🍳Cook 👨‍🍳Chef 🍲Soup 👨‍🍳Chef 👨‍🍳Chef 👨‍🍳Chef 👨‍🍳Chef 🌋Volcano 👨‍🍳Chef 👨‍🍳Chef
👨‍🍳Chef 🍳Cook 🍲Soup 🍳Cook 🌪️Tornado 🍮Lava Cake 🍲Soup 🌋Volcano 🍖Barbecue 🍳Cook
🐸Pond 🍲Soup 🌊Lake 🐊Swamp 🌫️Dust 🌋Geyser 🌫️Fog 🪨Stone 🌫️Fog 💦Puddle
🍷Wine 🍷Alcohol 💦Holy Water 🍇Vineyard 🎈Balloon 🌋Lava 🍲Stew 🌋Volcano 🚬Smoker ⛽Fuel
🍷Alcohol 🔥Burn 🍷Wine 🍇Vineyard 🍷Hangover 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire ⛽Fuel
🔥Burn 🌋Ash 💨Steam 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🌋Lava 🚗Engine 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🔥Fire
🔬Microscope 🦠Virus 🔬Amoeba 🦠Bacteria 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 💨Vapor 🔭Telescope
🦠Virus 🤒Flu 🤒Sick 🌱Life 🤒Flu 🌋Eruption 🧟Zombie 🌋Volcano 🤧Cough 👾Hacker
🤒Flu 🤒Fever 💦Fluoride 💩Dirt 🤧Sneeze 🌋Eruption 🤒Sick 🌋Volcano 🤧Cough 🚗Car
🤒Fever 👿Hell 🍵Tea 🌋Earthquake 🌀Hurricane 🌋Lava 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
👿Hell 😈Devil ♨️Hot Spring 🌋Volcano 😈Devil 😈Satan 🕯️Steampunk 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 👷Engineer
😈Devil 👿Hell 👿Hell 👿Hell 🌪️Tornado 👿Hell 🚂Train 🌋Volcano 👿Hell 💨Steam
🌸Flower 💨Smoke 🌸Lily 🌱Plant 🌼Dandelion 🌋Lava 👃Perfume 🌋Volcano 🕯️Incense 🚗Car
💦Holy Water 🧛Vampire 🍷Wine 💩Dirt 👼Angel 🌋Lava ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 👼Angel 🧛Vampire
🧛Vampire 🌋Ash 🩸Blood 🧛Dracula 🦇Bat 🧛Dracula 🧛Dracula 🦇Bat 🧛Dracula 🧛Vampire
🔬Amoeba 🔥Phoenix 🐸Pond 🌱Life 🦠Paramecium 🌋Lava 🍲Soup 🌋Volcano ☁️Cloud 🚗Car
🤒Sick 🤒Fever 💊Medicine 💩Dirt 🌀Hurricane 🌋Eruption 🤒Fever 🌋Volcano 🚬Cigarette 🔧Mechanic
💦Fluoride 🦷Toothpaste 🦷Toothpaste 🔲Fluoride 💦Fluoride 🌋Lava 🦷Toothpaste 🔲Fluoride 🦷Toothpaste N/A
🦷Toothpaste 🔥Fire Breath 🦷Mouthwash 💩Dirt 🌀Hurricane 🌋Eruption �Dentist 🌋Volcano 💨Smoke 🦷Toothbrush
♨️Hot Spring 🌋Volcano 💨Steam 💩Mud ☁️Cloud 🌋Geyser 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌋Volcano 💨Steam 🚂Steam Engine
🌸Lily 🔥Phoenix 🐸Pond 🌸Flower 🌸Flower 🌋Lava 🌸Flower 🌋Volcano 🕯️Incense 🛳️Steamboat
🩸Blood 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🌋Lava 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire
💊Medicine 💊Cure 🧪Potion 💩Dirt 🤧Sneeze 🌋Lava 🛳️Steamboat 🌋Volcano 🚬Cigarette 💉Vaccine
💊Cure 🚒Firefighter 💊Medicine 💊Medicine 💨Breeze 🌋Lava 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌋Volcano 💨Vapor 💨Steam
🚒Firefighter 🔥Fire 🔥Fire 🔥Fire 💨Smoke 🌋Lava 🚗Engine 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚒Fire Engine
🦷Mouthwash 🔥Fire Breath 🦷Mouthwash 💩Dirt 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption 💨Vapor 🌋Volcano 💨Vapor 🚀Rocket
🧪Potion 🍵Elixir 🍵Elixir 🌱Plant 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🕯️Steampunk 🌋Magma 💨Vapor 🚀Rocket
🍵Elixir 🧪Alchemy 🍷Wine 🌱Plant 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 💨Vapor 💨Steam
🧪Alchemy 💥Explosion 🌊Ocean 🌱Soil 💨Air 🌋Lava 🕯️Steampunk 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💨Steam
💥Explosion 🎆Fireworks 🐟Fish 🌋Volcano 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚀Rocket
🎆Fireworks 💥Explosion 💦Splash 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 💥Explosion 🚀Rocket 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚀Rocket
💦Splash 🎆Fireworks 🌊Wave 💩Mud 🌧️Rain 🌋Lava 🌧️Rain 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚗Car
🚜Tractor 🚜Tractor 🚤Boat 🐄Farm 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🚂Train 🌋Volcano N/A 🛢️Tank
🚤Boat 🚢Ship 🚢Ship 🏝️Island ⛵️Sail 🌋Lava 🛳️Steamboat 🌋Volcano 🏴‍☠️Pirate 🚢Ship
🚢Ship 🔫Cannon 🚤Boat 🏝️Island ⛵️Sail 🌊Atlantis 🚢Steamship 🌋Volcano 🏴‍☠️Pirate 🚢Steamship
🔫Cannon 💦Cannonball 🌊Tsunami 🌋Volcano 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption 🛳️Steamboat 🌋Volcano 💣Gunpowder 🛢️Tank
💦Cannonball 🔫Cannon 🌊Tsunami 💫Meteor 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption 🚂Steam Engine 🌋Volcano 🎆Firework 🚂Train
🌳Tree 🌋Ash 🌊River 🌲Forest 🍃Leaf 🌋Lava ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🌲Wood
🌊River 🌋Volcano 🌊Lake ⬇️Delta 🌧️Rain 🌋Geyser ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 🌫️Fog 🚢Ship
🏖️Sand 🥃Glass 🏖️Beach 🏜️Desert 🌵Dune 🥃Glass 🥃Glass 🥃Glass 🏜️Desert 🏖️Sandbox
🏖️Beach ☀️Sun 🌊Ocean 🏖️Sand 🏖️Sand 🌺Hawaii 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌺Hawaii 🌋Volcano 🚢Ship
🪐Planet 🌋Volcano 🌊Ocean 🌙Moon ⛈️Storm 🌍Earth 🕯️Steampunk 🌍Earth 🌋Volcano 🪐Saturn
🌫️Mist 🌫️Fog 🌫️Fog 🌫️Dust ☁️Cloud ☁️Cloud ☁️Cloud 🪨Stone 🌫️Fog 💨Steam
🏝️Island 🌋Volcano 🚢Ship 🌎Continent 🌪️Tornado 🌺Hawaii ☁️Cloud 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🚂Train
❄️Snow 🌫️Fog ❄️Ice ☃️Snowman ❄️Blizzard 🌋Eruption ☁️Cloud 🔪Obsidian 🌫️Fog 🏂Snowmobile
🍚Rice 🕯️Incense 🍣Sushi 🍀Paddy 🌬Fan 🍕Pizza 🍣Sushi 🍣Sushi 🕯️Incense 🍚Rice Cooker
🐠Aquarium 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🐟Fish 🚤Submarine
🌎Titan 🌍Atlas 🌊Iceberg 🌍Atlas ⚡️Zeus 🚢Titanic 🚢Titanic 🌋Volcano 🌍Atlas 🚢Titanic
🚢Titanic 🌊Iceberg 🌊Iceberg 🌊Atlantis 🌊Iceberg 🌊Atlantis 🌊Iceberg 🌋Volcano 🌊Iceberg 🌊Iceberg
🌶️Pepper 🌶️Spice 🍲Soup 🌶️Spice 🤧Sneeze 🍕Pepperoni 🥩Pepper Steak 🌋Volcano 🌶️Spice 🌶️Chili
🍵Teapot 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🍵Kettle 🍵Tea 🍵Tea 🌋Volcano 🍵Tea 🚂Steam Engine
🏺Clay 🏺Pottery 🏺Pottery 🏺Pottery 🏺Pottery 🏺Ceramic 🏺Pottery 🌋Volcano 🏺Pottery 🏺Pottery
🌱Soil 🌫️Dust 💩Mud 🌱Plant 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 💩Mud 🪨Rock 🌫️Dust 🚜Tractor
🏠House 🏠Chimney 🚢Ship 🐄Farm 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🧖‍♀Sauna 🌋Volcano 🏠Chimney 🚗Garage
🍾Bottle 🧞‍♂Genie 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🛳️Steamboat 🌋Volcano 🧞‍♂Genie 🚀Rocket
🔭Telescope 🔭Astronomer 🐟Fish 🌙Moon 🪁Kite 🌋Eruption 🌌Space 🌋Volcano 🔭Astronomer 🌌Hubble
🦴Fossil 🦖Dinosaur 🛢️Oil 🛢️Oil 🌫️Dust 🦖Dinosaur 🦖Dinosaur 🦖Dinosaur 🦖Dinosaur 🦖Dinosaur
🍇Vineyard 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine 🍷Wine
🦠Bacteria 🧀Cheeze 🤒Sick 💩Dirt 🌫️Dust 🌱Life 🌱Life 🌋Volcano 🧀Cheeze 🤖Robot
🌱Life 🧛Vampire 🐟Fish 👨Human 💨Breeze 🔥Phoenix ⚡️Energy 🔥Phoenix 🧛Vampire 🤖Robot
💩Dirt 🧱Brick 💩Mud 🌱Soil 🌫️Dust 🌋Lava 💩Mud 🌋Volcano 🌫️Dust 🚜Tractor
🌋Earthquake 🌋Volcano 🌊Tsunami 🏔️Mountain 🌪️Tornado 🌊Tsunami 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌊Tremor
🧛Dracula 🧛Vampire 🩸Blood 🧛Vampire 🦇Bat 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🧛Vampire 🚂Train
🔲Fluorite ⚛️Fluorine ⚛️Fluorine 🔲Fluorite 🪁Kite
🐄Farm 🍖Barbecue 🍚Rice 🌾Field 🌬Windmill
💫Meteor ☀️Sun 💫Meteorite 🌙Moon 🌌Comet
🌲Forest 💨Smoke 🐊Swamp 🌳Tree 🌪️Tornado 🌋Lava 🌧️Rain 🌋Volcano 🔥Fire 🚂Train
⬇️Delta 🗿Pyramid 🌊River 🌊River 🌊River
🏜️Desert 🏖️Sand 🏜️Oasis 🏖️Sand 🌪️Sandstorm 🌵Cactus 🏖️Sand 🌋Volcano 🌵Mirage 🚂Train
🌪️Tornado 🌋Volcano 🌊Tsunami 🌫️Dust 🌪️Tornado 🌋Eruption 🌪️Tornado 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌪️Tornado
🌋Eruption 🌋Volcano 🌋Lava 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Lava 🌋Geyser 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano 🌋Volcano
🌬Windmill ⚡️Energy ⚡️Energy ⚡️Electricity ⚡️Electricity
⛈️Storm 🌋Volcano 🌧️Rain 🌪️Tornado 🌪️Tornado
🌼Dandelion 🌋Ash 🍷Wine 🌸Flower 🌱Seed 🎆Fireworks 🍵Tea 🔥Fire 🔥Fire 🚁Helicopter
🌻Sunflower ☀️Sun ☀️Sun ☀️Sun ☀️Sun ☀️Sun ☀️Sun 🌋Volcano 💨Smoke Signal 🛢️Oil
🌀Hurricane 🌋Volcano 🌊Tsunami 🌪️Tornado 🌪️Tornado
🐟Flying Fish 🐉Dragon 🐟Fish 🐦Bird ✈️Airplane 🐉Dragon ✈️Jet 🐉Dragon 🐉Dragon ✈️Jet
🔥Fire Storm 🔥Fire 💨Steam 🌋Volcano 🌪️Tornado
🪁Kite 🎆Fireworks 🌬Wind 💩Dirt ✈️Flying
🤖Roblox 🏰Fortnite 💻Program
🏰Minecraft 💣TNT 💣TNT 🕳️Cave 🛤️Minecart 🌋Lava 🏰Minecraft 💣Creeper 🔥Fire 💣TNT

What is Infinite Craft?

Infinite Craft is a 2024 browser-based video game. In this game, players combine blocks of text to unlock an entire universe from scratch, and all results are controlled by artificial intelligence. The game is like peering into the brain of an AI, a role-playing game about what life would look like if it were governed by a large language model.
Playing is very simple: click and drag an item from right to left to place it there. Then click and drag another element on top of the one already placed to combine them.
Every time you create something new, it is added to your collection of items on the right, so you can reuse it even if you create something else from it. As you continue to mix ingredients, your collection will grow and you will be able to create more and more unique combinations.
It was first released by developer Neal Fun in January 2024 and became very popular among bloggers who created incredible things in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft
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